Domestic Testing

The NICEIC guidelines recommend that the electrics in domestic properties should be tested at least every 10 years. This will ensure that the installation remains in a good condition and continues to be safe to use.

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Landlord’s Information

If you’re a landlord with a rented property the advice is that testing should be carried out every 5 years to ensure the safety of your tenants on an ongoing basis.

It’s also advisable to monitor the condition of the electrical installation and keep track of any alterations with an annual Visual Condition Report.

You can find more information about electrical testing for landlords in this handy downloadable pdf file from the Electrical Safety Council.

Periodic Inspection Testing information for landlords

How often should my electrics be tested?

For other types of properties, the following will tell you how often you are advised to have your installation checked.

Recommended maximum time between Inspections:

  • Rented Properties – 5 years.
  • Domestic Properties – 10 years
  • Commercial Installations – 5 years.
  • Industrial Installations – 3 years.
  • External Installations – 3 years

Other times when a periodic inspection should be carried out are:

  • When a property is being prepared for letting.
  • Before selling a property or buying a previously-occupied property.

Testing Rates
Domestic Visual Condition ReportsCost
All size properties£80.00

* Please note that all prices quoted are excluding VAT.

Periodic Inspection Testing (Landlord’s Certificate EICR)
Domestic testing ratesCost
House or flat with 1 bedroom£145.00
House or flat with 2 bedrooms£165.00
House or flat with 3 bedrooms£185.00
House or flat with 4 bedrooms£205.00

* Please note that all prices quoted are excluding VAT and these prices are based on properties having non-electric heating systems and no more than 8 circuits in total. For properties with electric heating, add approx. £80.00. For properties with more than 8 circuits, add £18.50 per additional circuit.

Commercial Testing

For commercial testing, please give us a call or drop us an email us with the number of circuits you require tested and we’ll put together a quote for you.

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